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Papa’s pizzeria is an online game that uses math and reasoning skills to help a character run a pizzeria while his uncle is gone. It is the first of it’s kind from Flipline studios. It requires players to use geometry and counting while managing their time wisely. The character must take customers orders and make the pizza to their specifications- including how long to cook it for and the correct toppings. If the pizza is made correctly you will receive a good tip from the customer, improving your game score.

In order to play the game, you will click radio buttons and use different functions to make the pizza just the way the customer likes. To start, click the radio button that says “take order.” This will trigger the customer to tell you their order. You can write it down on an order pad and place the specific toppings on a diagram of pizza. Drag this ticket to the side and click the make pizza radio button, once this is done click the into oven radio. Make sure to keep an eye on the pizza and take it out at the right time. Once it is taken out, make the right amount of cuts and use the radio finish order button.

There are different ways to lose points and to improve your points while playing the game. Keeping an organization system will help you make the orders faster and not make any mistakes. If you make the pizza wrong, customers will be angry and you will have points taken away from you. Having a correct cooking time is key to improving many points.

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